5 Perfect Diesel Truck Gear Ideas for overlanding

If you love getting in your full size truck and exploring the great outdoors, whether it be alone or with friends or family, then it might be a good idea to be ready with some equally matched gear for the adventure. A heavy duty diesel truck might require some heavy duty thinking when it comes to overlanding beyond simply ground clearance and fuel economy. Here are 5 perfect ideas to get you a little further along the way.

Overlanding Truck Gear for a Diesel

Having enough diesel exhaust fluid onboard to keep you from going into limp mode is one of the first things a modern diesel engine owner learns when heading out into the unknown. What you might not commonly find in the overlanding journal of a gas powered rigs glove box is having gear hefty enough for these heavier pickup trucks. And, along with great payload capacity comes great adventure possibility.

Offroad Jack

The perfect offroad jack for diesel truck overlanding Pro Eagler 3 ton

One simple piece of equipment that is NOT equal across all platforms is the highly necessary and often neglected jack. A scissor lift jack works great on a Jeep or midsize truck and is great for some odd rescue situations, but they come with a sometimes painful learning curve. If you want to keep the equipment simple but powerful, you might want to invest in a heavy duty off-road jack that can not only handle the heavier pickup trucks but also be useful in unsteady terrain like sand.

The pro eagle 3 ton offroad jack for diesel truck overlanding

We strongly recommend one of our favorite systems, the Pro Eagle 3 Ton Offroad Jack “Kratos”. This is not a cheap jack and for good reason. Many knock off brands have started trying to replicate what the guys over at Pro Eagle have done but this is the real deal and as they say, “pay once, cry once”.

Bedslide pro eagle 3 tone jack kratos for diesel truck overlanding gear

Traveling with a Dog In a Truck

Diesel truck overlanding gear inlcuded the high quality Gunner Kennel dog crate for overlanding

If you love to travel and have a truck, why not bring your four legged best friend when you do? Since you have the bed room you can put your pup in one of the safest places for them to be. Gunner Kennels is 5 star crash rated and makes the toughest and safest kennel on the market for any size dog. They even have the option to put on all weather covers, a cooling fan, customized name plates, and even orthopedic mats for your truck dog.

Accessing Gear in Your Truck

Accessing gear in your diesel truck while overlanding with SnoMaster fridge

When it comes to getting gear in and out of your diesel truck, the last thing you want to do in a lifted 4 wheel drive rig built to be the best of the overland vehicles, is have to crawl up and into the bed on your hands and knees. Even with a tailgate step, you don’t want to have to go digging between bags, cases, and tackleboxes to find the doohicky you were looking for. When it comes to getting your must have truck accessories, work smarter and not harder and get the gear to come to you.

Get diesel truck gear from anywhere with a bedslide used while overlanding

This is where BEDSLIDE shines as it not only does just that, but is capable of doing it with the actual payload capacity of your pickup. Pull an entire ton out of the back of your one ton rig with ease and grab those graham crackers from anywhere in the bed. You can even use the BEDSLIDE system as a work station for anything from cooking to remote drone set up to even a viewing deck for the perfect sunsets.

Two children watching a sunset together over a valley on a bedslide in a diesel truck

Off-grid Food Storage In a Diesel Pickup

Truma Cooler C30 overlanding fridge on a bedslide for diesel truck gear

One really great thing about running a diesel truck is being able to take advantage of the amount of power it can produce for electric accessories. One such accessory that you might want to take advantage of is the off-road fridge. A simple wiring to your bed, if not already done, can power fridge like the German engineered TRUMA C30 that can not only keep your food and drinks cold, but even keep ice cream frozen without the use of any ice.

Diesel Powered Electric Truck

4th D Solar pannel for diesel truck gear while overlanding

Just because your rig can use its turbo diesel engine to produce lots of electricity doesn’t mean that’s the only way it needs to. Our final overlanding upgrade for your diesel truck is actually a solar power system. A solar panel like the quality units found at 4th D Solar can keep your trucks batteries topped off and cool accessories like an overlanding fridge (pun intended) running all day long without ever having to turn the key.

What is your must have accessory or gear for adventure in your pickup truck?

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