How to Choose the Right Truck Cover for Your Pickup

There are a few factors to consider when you’re choosing a truck shell. These include the size of your shell, your intended uses, and the potential cargo considerations. All of these factors will help you not only get the most our of your future shell but also make the best choice for longevity and esthetics.

Truck Cover Size Matters

The first thing to think about is the height style of your truck shell. The ideal height for a truck shell might depend on what you plan to do with it. If you want to carry larger loads or even possibly use it as a make shift camper or roadside shelter for changing, then choose a taller shell. Conversely, not everyone wants a shell that sticks up above the cab and many prefer a cab height shell that provides better lines with only minimal loss of space.

truck bed cover for travel

Your Needs Matter Too

The next step is figuring out how and how often you plan to use your truck. Do you need something to protect your belongings while you’re off exploring the back roads? Or, do you simply need to store some tools and supplies and keep them out of the basic elements? Think about how often you plan to transport big items, and whether you need a tall or short shell.

Cargo Considerations

Finally, think about the cargo capacity of your truck. This will determine how to set up the various truck shells you might need. Whether you have a heavy duty pickup, full size, or a midsize, there is an easy way to not only organize your trucks cargo, but maximize the total surfaces.

With the right shell, not only are there more storage options inside the bed of the truck itself, but also on top. A shell can easily be ordered with a roof rack that allows aerodynamic cargo boxes, bike racks, ski racks, and other specialized racks to be mounted saving tons of space in the bed and cab. It also allows for cargo baskets which can hold an array of “looser” cargo.

truck cover for hunting

Once you’ve determined the right size, style and weight for your truck, you can start shopping around. Consulting with a local dealer is always the best way to find your perfect fit.

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