The Nissan Frontier Truck Caps You’ve Been Waiting For

If you love your pickup truck but are part of the select that chose to go with the versatility and styling of the 2022 Nissan frontier line of reliable trucks, have no fear, your truck upgrades are here. You’ll be thrilled to check out the latest lineup of available Nissan Frontier truck caps and accessories to bring your two or four wheel drive daily driver, work truck, or adventure vehicle to the next level. Here’s what’s new!

Cab-High Options

If protecting your gear from the elements or unwanted onlookers is a priority to you, LEER has finally delivered their most popular lineup to the Nissan family of trucks and their various trim levels. For the best styling, a cab-high option is the way to go as it is a seamless continuation with the natural lines of your Nissan Frontier, especially if your considering options beyond skid plates and technology package. For this fantastic line of midsize trucks LEER has delivered the 100XL and 100XR models for a Nissan Frontier truck cap.

LEER 100XL for 2022 Nissan Frontier

Much like they have for the plentiful Toyota Tacoma lines, LEER has brought out their most popular model, the 100XR, which provides your gear security on the job or on-the-go with tinted side sliding windows and rear glass door. Whether you have a crew cab, extended cab, or king cab, keep your gear or pups cool and shaded and prying eyes out. Of course there are additional trim options including a removable front window, headliner, the versatile windoors, dome lights, and keyless remote entry also available as usual.

LEER 100XR available for 2022 Nissan Frontier

The top-of-the-line 100XL is the sleekest of the pack, with standard seamless windows with screens for plenty of ventilation for pets or gear. Along with the trimless edges along the side of the bed it also comes with the signature LEER Twist Handle Lock with Flip-up Weather Cover for easy access. Just remember, no matter how smooth the 100XL makes your truck look, you’re still going to have to watch your shins when it comes to that dastardly trailer hitch.

Also keep an eye out from LEER for the 700 and Sport Hi-Liner for the Nissan Frontier, both coming soon for the 2022 Frontier model year.

Pace Edwards BY LEER’s New Nissan Options

Pace Edwards by LEER has recently released the SwitchBlade and SwitchBlade Metal in response to the high demand and request for the Nissan Frontier lineup. Both models will offer enhanced storage options without the bulk and size of a full truck cap. As usual, these models come with no-drill installation and make accessing and protecting your gear as simple as possible without effecting the natural asthetic profile of your pickup

From a pull strap which allows the cover to be closed in a snap to the electronic automatically opening cover, these models will give you peace of mind while making your life as simple as possible. Models from the BedLocker, BedLocker Matte, JackRabbit, Full Metal Jack Rabbit, UltraGroove, UltraGroove Electric, and UltraGroove Full Metal are also available for Nissan.

All new 2022 Nissan Frontier truck caps are available from LEER Caps

One really cool option to note, when it comes to the UltraGroove option, is the potential versatility for those on the job site or looking for adventure with their beloved Nissan pickup. UltraGroove gives you options to add a rack system to the bed of your truck for tools, work gear, sporting equipment or a whole low level rooftop tent camping system for those of us who like to think of our trucks as essential components of a camping trip.

BedSlide 1000 Classic

If being able to access your gear was something you’ve want to make easier, a BEDSLIDE is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Better than the adaptive cruise control we all forget about in our trucks, the BEDSLIDE system can hold the full payload capacity of your pickup while at the same making it possible to pull all the contents in your truck bed out like a drawer system.

This BEDSLIDE can hold 1000 pounds and is the perfect way to round out your Nissan truck. Available in Black or Silver color options, it can be mounted within a truck cap to provide easier access to your tools. Or, it can me a standalone upgrade as it is whether resistant and easy to clean at home in the driveway.

On to a new frontier

We can all breath a little easier now knowing that the upgrade options for our beloved and rugged Nissans are here to make our lives easier. From the Nissan Frontier truck cap to the tonneaus to the all access providing BEDSLIDE, there’s something to make your everyday tasks extraordinarily better. Be sure to take a look at these new options and consider getting more out of your truck than really good gas mileage this year.

Which upgrade would you consider first?

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