The Toyota Tundra Truck Cap You’ve Been Waiting For

We know you’ve been waiting for the latest Toyota Tundra truck cap with bated breath! Here is the most up-to-date information on current truck cap and cover availability.

Cab-High Toyota Tundra Truck Cap Options

Brand new Toyota Tundra Truck cap for 2022

The base model LEER 100R comes standard with tinted side and rear glass as well as an insulated roof to keep things safe and secure. The next step up, the 100XL standard Frame Flipper window with screens, designed for easy ventilation and easy access to pets and sports gear.

The 100XQ Sport offers a frameless hidden hinge curved rear door with a built-in spoiler and sleek one-piece tip-out side windows for a seamless look.

Finally – with window options providing a secure seal against the elements as well as plenty of ventilation when needed – the LEER 100XR is as functional on the campground as it is toting pets along to activities.

Mid and High-Rise Toyota Tundra Truck Cap Options

The mid-rise 180 from LEER offers 15% more space than a cab-high model, and lots of customization options. From SnugTop, look to the Sport Hi-Liner or Rebel.

Contractor Truck Cap Models

For all your work needs, you’ll want to turn to the Leer DCC or SnugTop UT Pro, which come with a half door standard or optional full door. These are both available for Toyota Tundra truck beds in 5’6″ or 6’6″, and the DCC is also available for 8’1″ length beds. Both are made of tough TIG-welded aluminum with “Super Cage” Integrated Roof Construction and .035 aluminum exteriors for heavy-duty jobs. Stainless Steel Drop-T Handles and BOLT Locks with “One Key Technology” provide secure access. Options include various tool boxes, shelves and dividers, a rubberized mat for the tool box floor, customizable lighting and power selections, and various roof rack choices.

LEER’s 100RCC and 180CC are also available in contractor models, both of which feature lots of space and the easy addition of a roof rack.

Tonneau Covers for the New Toyota Tundra

For the slimmest possible profile, choose the LEER 700 tonneau cover, with sleek lines and high-dimension details.

Pace Edwards By LEER’s New Toyota Tundra Truck Cap Options

Brand new Toyota Tundra truck cap

Pace Edwards has released their own series of accessories and Toyota Tundra truck cap options. For all bed lengths, owners can select from the sleek JackRabbit and Full Metal Jack Rabbit with bolt-on installation, or the UltraGroove and UltraGroove Full Metal which offer no-drill installation and additional weather-resistant features.

The SwitchBlade Metal and UltraGroove Electric are available for 6’6″ bed lengths only. BedLockers are available to add extra storage to all of these models.

BedSlide Options to Maximize Storage

Enhance the functionality and improve access to any of the above Toyota Tundra truck cap options with a BedSlide. Models including the S, 1000 and 1500. The S and 1000 both support 1000 pounds, while the 1500 supports 3/4 ton and comes with included GUARDRAILS.

Also keep an eye out from SnugTop for the GB Sport and Super Sport for the Toyota Tundra, both coming soon for the 2022 model year.

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