Truck Bed Storage Ideas to Extend Your Space

The truck bed is one of the most versatile areas of your vehicle. Whether you’re hauling firewood, hunting, working as a tradesman, or camping with a friend, your truck can accommodate tons of uses. With the right truck bed storage ideas, you can maximize your utility and your time. Here are some of the best truck bed storage ideas to make sure you get the most out of your vehicle.

Why to Maximize Storage Space in a Truck Bed

A pickup truck can be a multipurpose vehicle beyond your wildest dreams. You can use a truck to help your family move, or to move your work tools. You can even be adventurous and go off-road. Customizing your truck to meet your exact needs makes it more than just really useful, it can become a point of pride and incredibly fun to drive.

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Truck Bed Storage Ideas for Different Use Cases

Camping Supplies

Camping is one of the best ways to spend your time outdoors. Instead of sitting inside, enjoy the fresh air with the family and friends and get some quality bonding time! Best of all, you can have a fully-packed BEDSLIDE complete with neatly-organized hiking meals and sleeping space within a spacious topper. What’s more, BEDSLIDE not only makes a great mobile preparation deck, but one of the best seats to watch the sun go down.

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Sports Equipment

Don’t forget to include space for any sports equipment you use on a regular basis. With a truck bike rack, you can pack your bike up, park, and hit the mountain trails in no time. With a BEDSLIDE, you can easily work on your bike at waist or chest height. A BEDSLIDE makes storing and accessing a Snowboard or skis in a lifted truck so much easier all you’ll have to think about is hitting the slopes.


For most people, the truck is used for hauling. Whether it’s to cart hay home to the farm or to bring your latest purchases back from a big box store, that space is a convenient way to get it all from place-to-place. For others with lots of work tools, the truck bed functions as a mobile storage unit on a job site.

Truck bed storage ideas for farmers loading hay and loading feed

Generally, the less weight you’re hauling, the less you’ll need to secure it. It’s a good idea to look into all of the options in truck caps and the varying weight capacities of bed extenders before committing. You don’t necessarily need a heavy duty truck bed organizer if your main use is an occasional grocery run.

Tacoma Super Sport Cap

Step One: Decide on a Truck Cap or Tonneau Cover

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether to go with a truck cap or a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers are easier to install and great for changing access options, but truck caps offer the added flexibility of greater protected capacity. Either will protect your cargo better than cargo nets in the rain!

Think through your needs. If you frequently need to haul tall, awkwardly-sized items like mattresses where the tops are above cab height, you may want an HF650M by LEER that you can pull all the way back to the cab for easy access. If you haul numerous smaller items that might be affected by weather or highway wind but don’t want to be tying them down all the time, a truck cap is probably the best way to utilize the space available and secure your items.

Install a Bed Extender


A great way to increase the access of your cargo space is to add a truck bed extender, known as a Bedslide. These decks sit inside your truck bed and pull out from the back to allow full access to all items in the truck bed. These are perfect for construction workers, farmers, and tailgaters who are just looking for a little more room for their stuff.

Add a Truck Rack

Racks are great for organizing your gear. You can get racks in all shapes and sizes, which gives you more flexibility in how you organize. Many racks can also be attached to a SnugTop or LEER cap or mounted above a Pace Edwards tonneau cover for easy access. Bed rails are another option for mounting over a tonneau, and you can make use of cargo bars with either setup.

Consider Rooftop Tents

Rooftop tents are an excellent way to protect gear and extend the utility of your bed. Rooftop tents are perfect for mounting on a truck cap. They’re easy to pack up on your adventures, so you can use them for a variety of purposes from leisure to work travel.

Organize with Storage Bins

There are tons of storage solutions for every nook and cranny of your bed. BEDSLIDE has a variety of trays and bins that mount in various spots along the slide. If you prefer to make use of storage drawers at the top of the bed, a LEER Locker can help secure valuable equipment up and out of sight.

If you’re just getting started and don’t want to invest in a storage system yet, you can go with a simple cargo caddy or any free-standing storage bin to learn what works best for you. Using a tool box or storage box for a DIY storage bin is a great way to maximize your space and keep things organized. If you have a bed liner installed, you can set all sorts of storage crate solutions in there without worrying about scratching up your bed.

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Make use of Your Ceiling

You can easily make use of the ceiling inside your cap to store all sorts of stuff. You can buy things like clothes hangers or fishing rod holders – whatever serves your needs best to organize and keep your gear safe, tidy, or out of sight. There are even pet screen options available for Snugtop caps if you want to make your truck bed space a cozy hangout for your furry friend.


Your truck bed can be used to haul all sorts of things. To maximize its usefulness, you’ll want to make sure your bed is organized and has all the necessary storage. Here are some of the best truck bed storage ideas for your vehicle:

  • With a tonneau cover, you can ensure your truck bed is watertight. You can also use a tonneau cover to protect your bed from the elements. If you need additional space, you can get one with a rear gate or tailgate.
  • With a truck cap, you can keep water and dirt out of your bed while still allowing full use of the space above the bed.
  • A BEDSLIDE is a versatile way to access your full bed easily and gain valuable work space.
  • A rack can be a great place to keep all your extra gear organized and out of the way.
  • With a rooftop tent, you can always have a place to catch some ZzZ’s no matter where you drive.
  • There are numerous accessories that offer infinite customization options.

Think carefully through your decisions as you consider truck bed storage ideas, and it’ll soon be your ideal solution to help with any task on the road.

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