Truck Cap Accessories We’re Totally Drooling Over

If you spend a lot of time in your rig, there are a few simple options that can improve your your experience fast. From bottle openers to bins, kinetic energy straps to fishing pole holders there is a lot to look at. Here is a list of some fantastic truck cap accessories to help upgrade your pickup truck experience.

Cargo Hooks

No one wants to hear their cargo rolling around while they’re driving down the highway. One of the most basic starter truck cap accessories, cargo hooks are useful for securing just about anything. You can attach them to the top and / or sides of the bed and pair them with a cargo net to keep loose items in place while you’re on the road. Best of all, they’re an affordable starting point for your practical upgrades.

Specialized WIndows or Window Screens

Pet-friendly window screens are a great way to get some air flow going if you keep dogs in your bed. The sturdy, wire mesh keeps them out of danger while allowing a nice breeze to pass through. An even more exciting upgrade for your pickup truck is the WINDOOR (window door) offered by truck cap companies like LEER truck caps and even SnugTop.

Windoors make great truck cap accessories for families and dogs

A windoor not only functions as a window, but can also have additional built in sliders with screens to allow for ventilation but also keep out bugs. What’s more, the entire window assembly can pop up to give you full access to the bed of the truck without having to open a tailgate or move a spare tire carrier. Aside from the versatile access capabilities, you also have a mobile viewing platform that keeps you, your children, or pets nicely tucked away.

Solar Powered LED Lights

If you’re the simple outdoor type, and like camping in your truck bed, LED lights can make the space cozy! Highly efficient and charged by the sun – a set of solar powered LED lights illuminate your camp set up without the need to run your rig. Your space can be well-lit, even when you’re in the early hours of the morning and don’t want to wake up surrounding campers by turning your engine on.

Decals and Stickers

If you love your adventures and are looking for an easy, and maybe artistic way of sharing where you’ve been and what you’ve seen, try adding some stickers from the road or even custom decals to liven things up a bit. From funny to educational to inspirational, stickers are a cheap and easy way to give your rig a fresh new look. Not only do they work as a potential conversation starter but you may find a number of new friends on the road with the same adventure badging.

Stickers and decals make fantastic truck cap accessories to upgrade your truck
Photo and Truck: Nic Chargualaf aka @shaka.taco Instagram

Roof Rack

This is one of the best truck cap accessories for families! A rack can be installed on the roof and can be used to carry bikes, kayaks, canoes or luggage. What’s more, it is the necessary component to ad a whole rooftop tent system for those that love camping well above the critters.

Rooftop Tent

If you want to take your camping experience to another level, then look at a rooftop tent. Forget the hassle of setting up a tent on the ground and instead enjoy the convenience of driving up to your campsite and quickly setting up right on your cab. Rooftop tents are designed to fit on the roofs of trucks and SUVs, and as well as even be installed directly on top of your truck cap.

A rooftop tent is one of the ultimate truck cap accessories

Of all the accessories and optional upgrades, this unit will give you a whole new view on the campsite. And we mean that literally and figuratively.

Sliding Bed System

Do you have a camper that you’ve added on to your truck, and now you’re gear is secure but sometimes hard to get to? Consider investing in a sliding truck bed system like a BedSlide. This allows you to pull the whole load out of your truck on a deck, giving you full access to the entirety of your truck bed without having to crawl inside the cap.

Storage Bins and Drawers

Are you in need of somewhere to keep all those loose items that always seem to get left in your truck? Storage bins and drawers are some of the most functional truck cap accessories available. These simple solutions add a surprising amount of storage space, while also keeping your interior looking neat and tidy.

If you do opt for a BedSlide, they make bins that fit conveniently along the edges of the slide system.

Bedslide bed bins make for great truck cap accessories

Fishing Rod Holder

Do you often find yourself on the road with some time on your hands? If you enjoy fishing and would like to be ready to cast anywhere you travel, a fishing rod holder installed in your truck cap is particularly simple and useful. If you often find yourself traveling from place-to-place for work and looking for a fun way to kill some time, this is an inexpensive way to stay prepared.

Clothes Hanger

If you use your vehicle as a daily driver to head to work and back, there are a lot of truck cap accessories that can make your life easier. A clothes hanger is a great way to transport uniforms and suits – especially if your cab tends to get messy and you need your outfit to stay tidy.

Fabric Liner

If you do decide to spend time camping in your truck cap, you can have the whole space lined with fabric. This allows you to create a custom hang out space in your truck cab and reduce the potential for condensation. It even dampens the echo and noise for those that make the truck bed the hold up spot.

Bottle Openers

Whether you’re tailgating, at he campsite, or you’ve finished a long day at the job site, a simple but clutch upgrade would be installing bottle openers right on the back of your truck! These small add-ons are the ultimate in truck cap accessories for winding down or party time! Just remember, when you are opening your bottles of root beer, to drink responsibly.

Backup Camera

If you love the convenience of having backup cameras in your vehicle, you’ll LOVE having one in your truck cap. The camera will be mounted on or above your tailgate, giving you a clear view of the items behind your truck bed. Some backup cameras have a wireless display in the cab for a better view.

If you frequently find yourself on the road, then it’s important that your truck has the perfect amount of comfort and safety features. Truck cap accessories will help you make your truck the perfect traveling companion.

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