The Best Way to Make Coffee on the Road in a Truck

A lot of us love traveling in our pickup trucks and also love the taste of a high quality fresh roast. There’s an easy way to get that where ever you want and to make your own coffee on the road. It doesn’t take a lot to make fresh java, even when you are hundreds of miles into the middle of nowhere.

Selecting the best Coffee bean

Best way to make coffee on the road using SnugTop and BEDSLIDE

There are a lot of coffee makers out on the market nowadays. If you love coffee, you know that you can order coffee beans or ground coffee online and have it shipped straight to your front door. Fortunately for us, we’re learning the best way to make coffee on the road from professional roaster and founder of Got Your Six coffee, Eric Hadley.

Using a BEDSLIDE is the best way to make coffee on the road

Eric loves brewing joe, helping first responders and veterans, assisting in critical incidents, and exploring some of the forgotten corners of the United States in his 2015 Ram 2500, equipped to brew coffee anywhere he goes. He’s upgraded his rig with a SnugPro CHU to keep all his brewing and adventure gear clean and tidy, while at the same time, completely accessible with his BEDSLIDE 2000 S.

Choosing the Best Coffee Brew Method

Luckily, we’re WAY beyond the days of cowboy coffee and now, fortunately, have dozens of different types of coffee kits to chose from. Whether you want to use paper filters, remote espresso makers, pour over coffee, or a stainless steel french press, there are a number of ways of getting more from that magic bean than the simple instant coffee powder.

camping coffee in the back of a truck using a SnugTop and Bedslide

Since there are a lot of brew methods, we are going to focus on working with whole beans and a simple kit. Our first goal, if possible, is to use a whole bean so the flavor hasn’t faded over time and you get the most robust taste. If you have to, it’s ok to start with ground beans because in the end you’re going to at least get a decent drink.

How to make Boiling Water

Though cold brew coffee is good, it really isn’t the quickest method of getting brew on a road trip. To make it while traveling, you need a way to turn cold water into boiling water. One of the simplest and most compact ways to do this is to use something like a Jet Boil.

Using a jet boil is one of the best way to make coffee on the road

A jet boil is fantastic as it can get you to a rolling boil in a matter of minutes. Another great thing about them, is they are easy to pack away and even take on hiking adventures. Finally, a number of similar brands have built in french press set ups that make for an easy cup of joe.

Grinding Beans

Hand ground coffee and the best way to make coffee on the road

If you want to get the most flavorful brew, we believe in starting with a whole bean as it holds the flavor in longer. This just means you are going to want to get yourself a hand grinder like the VSSL Java Grinder and throw it in your camp box. This will make sure you are ready for the best anywhere you go.

Remember All the Essentials

Got your six coffee is a best way to make coffee on the road

When you want to make a great cup of coffee on the road, it all comes down to having the essentials on hand. Water, boiler, filter/press, and of course a good cup. All that’s left is finding a great place to park with a view to enjoy it.

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