Trunk or Treat Ideas for Trucks

Halloween can sometimes be difficult depending on where you live, the weather, or the number of families in your area who may have age appropriate kids. Trunk or treat ideas for trucks might be the answer to having a great Hallows Eve wherever you are! Check out these five simple tips to making the most of the tailgate.

Trick or Treating from a Truck

Find a good location

Trick or treating is not only a good way to get candy, it’s also a great way to get out and meet your neighbors. Today, it’s a whole lot less about scaring away or tricking ghouls and spirits. It’s a whole lot MORE about getting out into your community. Depending on your direct neighborhood activity or number or fellow kids out and about, you may want to switch up your location.

A perfect solution is take your front door wherever the trick or treating is good… from your truck bed in an open parking lot. Trunk or treating is all the rage nowadays! A great first step to getting into trunk or treat ideas for trucks is paying attention to where your community may already be setting one up in your area. Pay attention to things like school announcements, community events, or even church get-togethers. This will be your first step, as you’ll want to be where the action is!

Trick or Treat Candy Storage

Use a LEER caddy when trunk or treating with a truck 1

One of the first things you can easily accomplish is setting up your candy station. If you like the idea of having a LOT of candy on hand, consider using something like a truck divide. We love the LEER Caddy, which has three separate compartments for different types of candy.

Using a cooler for trunk or treating with a truck

Consider bringing along a LEER cooler if you live in a warmer climate so you can store extra candy and keep it safe from melting.

Basic Vehicle Decorations

Electric Jack o lantern for trunk or treat ideas for a truck

If you are going out to a local event, keep trunk or treat decorating in mind as well. Not ready to get super fancy with your Halloween decor? Simply bring along a pumpkin to put under your truck shell or on the edge of your BEDSLIDE.

Adding spider web decoration for trunk or treat ideas for a truck

Adding a few strands of inexpensive spider webs is easy, and it creates a more haunted feel.

Advanced Vehicle Decorations

Wagan tech 1200 watt power supply for trunk or treat ideas for a truck

If you want to go above and beyond with your decorations to REALLY impress the little trick or treaters, consider getting a portable power supply like the WaganTech Lithium Cube. It comes in a number of sizes with an onboard supply of power, so you can run electric jack-o’-lanterns, an inflatable display, and a small speaker system like one from Turtlebox Audio for playing spooky songs

Using a wagan tech lithium power supply for trunk or treat ideas for a truck

Another great thing about a portable power supply system is that it doesn’t make any noise or exhaust and can be used in closed and tight spaces.

Seating is a must

Bring YETI chairs when trunk or treating

One of the common necessities forgotten by those who have learned to love trunk or treating is seating! After you finish decorating your car or truck, things may get uncomfortable if you’re left to stand for hours.

Use a LEER Caddy for trunk or treat ideas fora truck

Avoid unnecessary leg and back pain by remembering to throw a good quality chair on your BEDSLIDE or under your SnugTop. We love YETI camp chairs for a sturdy, portable option.

Have a great time

A fun halloween is a good halloween. It can be a blast setting up a display and attending a trunk or treat event, whether you’re serving from itty bitty car trunks or using your pickup truck to go all out.

Truck in mall parking lot for trunk or treat ideas for a truck

Whatever trunk or treat ideas for trucks you decide to employ, just remember that it’s a great way to get out in your community and meet cool people.

How would you decorate your pickup for Halloween?

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