Plan a Truck Bed Picnic at the Pumpkin Patch

Fall is the best time to get out with family or friends and enjoy the last of the pleasant weather. As we near Halloween and Thanksgiving, the pumpkin patch is a must on the list of annual places to visit and spend some time. Here are some fantastic tips on how to plan a truck bed picnic at the pumpkin patch.

Picnics are a fall affair

Planning a traditional truck bed picnic

When it comes to fall and that great changing October weather, there’s really no better time to get out and enjoy being outside. What better way to get out than to have yourself a fantastic picnic? You can make things even better by taking that picnic to a pumpkin patch to enjoy all the fall festivities from the bed of your truck.

There’s so much more you can do with food and family or friends from the bed of your truck than just “tailgating.” Even though it is technically football season, not everything has to revolve around the pigskin when it comes to pickup trucks and good eats! Sometimes it’s nice to take things low and slow and just enjoy the changing colors and the pumpkin spice of life.

Planning your Picnic Food

Truck bed picnic charcuterie board

If you want to plan a truck bed picnic, you know food preparation is going to be at the top of the list of things you need to do. If you aren’t into cucumber sandwiches and champagne or you don’t have a cute wicker basket, don’t sweat it. When it comes to food prep – especially from the bed of a truck – nothing could be more casual and easy going.

Preparing food for truck bed picnic

Whether you are bringing out the family or just looking for your next jack-o-lantern with some friends, take a deep breath and keep things simple. This isn’t a five course meal. Remember, the great thing about a picnic is that it’s really about two things: enjoying the environment, and time with friends outdoors. Pull out your BEDSLIDE (which just happens to be the perfect serving deck, and enjoy simple foods you might find at the top of the menu like appetizers.

Let the Kids Roam Free

Letting kids pick their own pumpkins at a truck bed picnic

If you plan on taking the family – or you have friends who have kids – one of the best parts about a picnic at a pumpkin patch is that you can give them the opportunity to roam wild. Kids LOVE to hunt for that perfect pumpkin, and you can put them to task! Let them run, touch, and live in the excitement of finding that perfect orange gourd.

Chelsea Day of Someday Adventure finding the perfect green pumpkin during her truck bed picnic

You might even like getting in on the hunt yourself. Remember, no pumpkin is perfect and you may come up with special ideas for something other than the “traditional orange.”

Happy kids with pumpkin in truck bed picnic at pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch isn’t JUST for kids, so make sure you also take a turn walking in the fields!

Decorating your Pumpkins

Decorate pumpkins in a truck bed
What better place to start your Halloween preparations than right there in the back of your truck? If you aren’t wanting to make a mess with the guts and seeds, use an extra large Sharpie to draw on faces. You can always cut those jack-o-lantern designs out when you get home.
Pumkin decorating after truck bed picnic at the pumkin patch

If you ARE into the more tradition carving method, just be sure to pack along the necessary tools. A knife for carving, a sturdy metal spoon for scooping, and we recommend a small trash bag for the remains. This can also make for the perfect decorations for a Trunk or Treat experience later, using the bed of your truck.

BEDSLIDE for Picnics and Pumpkins

Huge pumpkin in truck bed picnic

When it comes to the perfect fall truck accessory or upgrade, there’s no doubt in our minds that a BEDSLIDE is a must. From serving snacks to hauling away super sized mega pumpkins to make the neighbors jealous, you’ve got it all. Just be sure to get out there and enjoy fall while it lasts.

What are your must have truck picnic items?

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