Cut Your Own Christmas Trees With a Truck

When it comes to Christmas decorations, there can be a lot to handle and remember. The lights on the house, the nutcrackers, gingerbread homes, and stockings above the fireplace. If you’re a truck enthusiast, there are some fun additional bonuses like harvesting the tree. Did you know that you can cut your own Christmas trees? If you live near a national forest or certain BLM land, these public resources can help you create a new holiday tradition with the family! Here’s how a truck can help make it super-simple to cut your own Christmas trees.

Getting the Best Christmas Tree

Using your truck to get a Christmas tree

When it comes to Christmas – at least here in the United States – nothing tops the traditional image of a real Christmas tree being driven home on top of the car. Taking a fresh cut Christmas tree home is an iconic moment for children lucky enough to have the opportunity. If this is the type of tradition you want to try and pass on, here are five tips to cut your own Christmas trees with a truck.

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

Douglas fir spruce and pine are the best Christmas trees

You might not know this, but there are actually a number of different types of trees that are used for this glorious occasion. Among the most popular options are the Douglas fir or other regional firs, the spruce, and the pine. When it comes to making the right choice, you will want to look at things like branch and needle density, smell, and even color. Trees can range from a robust green to a blueish green hue.

When you do decide on what species you like, there are few other factors to consider. Remember to think of your home’s space and ceiling height for appropriate sizing. Give your tree a little “tug test” to check for hydration: dry, brittle, and easily removed needles are a sign of a less fresh or unhealthy tree.

Where to get Your Christmas Tree

Using your truck to get a Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm

For most of the country, people find their Christmas trees in town in a seasonally dedicated tree lot. At the local mall, hardware store, and even some grocery stores, there are a number of easily accessible and already harvested trees to choose from. If this is your sapling source, that’s totally fine.

Family choosing a Christmas tree from Christmas tree farm

Another really fun option is to take the truck and family down to a regional Christmas tree farm. A major benefit to this is getting a tree that is as fresh as possible and being able to see the tree completely open as opposed to wrapped up. One great thing about this option is you can make a day of going out with the family to choose and cut down your own tree.

Father and son in mountains cutting down a Christmas tree in Natinoal Forest Somedayilllearn

Finally, depending on where you live, you can travel out into the National Forest to find your own tree. Much like a tree farm, you can make a great outing of selecting your perfect tree. Just be sure to stop in to the National Forest office or visit their website to get a permit before chopping down your family’s foliage.

Have the Right Tools for the Job

Tools you will need using your truck to get a Christmas tree

Before you set out to make your tree fall, it’s a good idea to bring along the right tools for the job. Depending on your available tools, this may include things like a hand saw, bow saw, chainsaw, rope or straps, a tree stand with a water reservoir, and possibly a packing blanket to protect your vehicle from sap. If you plan on bringing the kiddos along, you’ll also want to pack some hot chocolate in a thermos!

How to Secure A Christmas Tree

Using your truck to get a Christmas tree Bedslide and SnugTop somedayilllearn

One of the best things about having a truck is being able to throw cargo – including a Christmas tree – in the bed of the truck. Depending on the size of your pine, a SnugTop truck cap can make the process of transporting a Christmas tree ridiculously simple. SnugTops are a good idea for your truck and are the best way to protect the tree from wind damage while you transport it safely home.

If you don’t have room under your truck cap, or don’t yet have one, then you’ll want to protect the tree on top of your pickup cap or in your bed. Make sure to have the trunk facing towards the front of the car/truck to minimize buffering of wind between the limbs. With a bed or roof rack, tie down points are easy to find.

How to Set Up Your Christmas Tree

After all that work getting your pine, fir, or spruce home safely, it’s time to finish strong and get this tannenbaum set up right. If you want yours to last longer, you’ll need to prepare the trunk for the stand. The best way to do that is to use a saw to cut off approximately half an inch from the bottom of the truck.

Gift giving by the Christmas tree

Try to cut the trunk perpendicular, as this will help get your Christmas tree standing up straight. One cool thing you can do at this point is use the wood cookie (the part you cut off the bottom of the trunk) to create your own commemorative ornament or Christmas wood craft. It’s super simple, and a great way to mark the year and remember your time together as a family!

Christmas tree crafts you can do with wood cookies somedayilllearn

Another great idea is to have a friend or partner help you get it mounted in the stand. This will make holding it up while you secure it much easier. It also gives you another eye for ensuring the tree is secured upright! They can also help by getting the water and preservative concoction mixed in a pitcher so you can pour it into the stand reservoir.

If you cut your own Christmas trees, are you on the hunt for a Douglas fir, pine, spruce, or other?

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