Winter Truck Adventures You’ll Love

Most people consider the winter months to be the time of year where they hole up inside their homes; binge watching shows they may not even like that much. That is no way to live a life, especially if you have a perfectly good truck sitting in the driveway that can take you to amazing places! Here are five ways to combine your rig and gear for some great winter truck adventures you will definitely want to consider.

Preparing Your Truck for Adventure

Before you set out on winter adventures, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for what lies ahead. Winter driving is one of the first things you will want to address before heading out and that can vary greatly depending on your part of the country. Having some good gear on hand will definitely help keep you prepared and more likely to enjoy these colder months.

If you’re in the northern territories, you might want to consider packing snow chains and if you’re in the southern states, be sure to pay attention to general weather conditions as they might change suddenly. It’s a great idea to create an off-road rescue kit for your pickup. It’s also a good idea bring along an extra blanket and a set of dry clothes, in case of emergencies.

Pounding the Snow trails

Winter truck adventures like snowshoeing

One of the simplest things you might want to look into is simply taking yourself snowshoeing. The best part about having a pickup is how far it can take you and your gear. So throw a set of snowshoes in the bed, head out into the mountains as far as you can go, and explore even further over the snow and ice with a simple set of snow shoes.

Hitting the Ski Slopes

BEDSLIDE holding snowboards for winter truck adventures

Keep winter’s cold weather from getting you down by getting up on the slopes. Another great part of being in the community of truck drivers is always having the space to toss in some skies and snowboards. I mean, come on, the tailgate is a built-in bench for getting ready.

Using a BEDSLIDE to get ready on a winter truck adventure

One special upgrade which makes hitting the slopes a little easier is the BEDSLIDE sliding deck system. Not only does a BEDSLIDE hold the same capacity as your truck but it allows all the gear to be brought right out to you. Even better, the BEDSLIDE serves as the perfect winter truck work space and dressing area when you don’t want gear to touch the ground.

Fishing in the Winter

Fly fishing in the South Fork of the Boise River on a winter truck adventure

Just like a country song, there’s nothing like fishing and owning a pickup truck. Cold weather may have hit the ponds and streams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work on catching some bass or trout. Winter conditions simply mean you will have less competition at the water’s edge.

Fly fishing on the south fork of the Boise River Idaho

Another great addition to any winter truck, especially for winter, is a SnugTop camper shell. This fantastic truck upgrade is simple yet versatile in keeping your gear safe from not only thieves but mother nature. Check out our recent post on how to Keep Gear Safe during the holiday season.

Snow Wheelin’

Snow Wheeling in a winter truck adventure

If you like heading out and blowing off some steam simply by going for a drive, then maybe snow wheeling is for you. This is heading out and enjoying a nice winter truck drive with the added challenge of getting through the snow. This is also more fun, and safe, when you go with a friend.

Winter Camping

Winter Truck camping in the snow with a fire

Finally, consider spending a night out in the wilderness to enjoy the winter weather. A camp fire in summer is definitely nice, but a campfire in winter is magical. Just be sure to pack winter grade sleeping bags and camp gear. Enjoy a night sky not seen in the warmer months.

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