The 2023 Super Duty Powerstroke Truck Caps you’ve been waiting for

If you’ve been waiting for the new 2023 Ford Super Duty line up to come to market, wait no longer. With gas models and the famous Powerstroke engine line hitting the streets, it won’t be long (if any time at all) before you’ll want to upgrade your pickup truck. Here are this year’s best new shells and tonneau covers for the 2023 Diesel Powerstrokes and gas Super Duty trucks.

Choosing the Right Truck Cover

A lot of new truck buyers have their idea of which upgrade comes first once they pick up a new rig. With a whopping 500 horse power and 1,200 lb ft of torque right off the lot, the new high output 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesels are an absolute beast of a pickup. On the gas engine series Super Duty, the Ford Super Duty truck with the 6.8 liter engine has the same trim levels as the high output version, but on a smaller budget.

When it comes to knowing which upgrade you want to make first, you will need to consider how you plan on using your pickup. This will help you determine which option gives you the quickest return on your investment. A truck like this starts somewhere in the $80,000 range so a lift kit, tires, lights, and engine mods can be a large investment. That’s why we like to start by protecting your gear from the elements and theft by knowing how to choose the right truck cover for your pickup.

The LEER Tonneau Cover for the 2023 Super Duty

HF650M LEER Tonneau cover for the 2023 Ford KingRanch Lariat and XLT Super Duty Powerstroke

One of the fastest ways to protect the contents of your bed is to look into ordering the LEER HF650M Tonneau cover. They can be shipped directly to your house and get installed right in your driveway. This leaves your truck’s profile the same as it always was, while protecting your gear from the weather, road wind, and theft.

New Pace Edwards 2023 Ultragroove Tonneau for Super Duty

New Pace Edwards 2023 Super Duty Powerstroke Ultragroove retractable Tonneau cover

Coming in hot and right out of central Washington, Pace Edwards is offering their retractable ULTRAGROOVE tonneau cover. Unlike the folding option, you can open and close this model all from the tailgate. Pace Edwards also provides their tonneaus in a composite and a matte black metal option for a more robust cover.

No matter which tonneau cover your are looking at – or if you are planning on putting it on the 6.7-liter Power Stroke v8 or the 6.8-liter Super Duty – they will both offer excellent protection at minimal effort. Both brands can be shipped to you and installed in a matter of hours depending on your capabilities with basic tools. If you want to eliminate the middle man and get straight to protected travel on the highway, Pace Edwards or LEER will have exactly what you are looking for!

Powerstroke Payload and Access Options

When it comes to the Super Duty line, it’s all about maximum payload. With a tow capacity of 40,000 pounds and impressive cameras for trailer navigation, it’s easier than ever to get farm gear, adventure toys, and even camping trailers out and down the road. It’s also important to get the most out of the bed of your truck, especially once it’s lifted and has a SnugTop shell installed.

2023 Powerstroke with BEDSLIDE and SnugTop Rebel for maximum payload capacity
SnugTop Rebel on 2023 King Ranch Powerstroke Super Duty with BEDSLIDE 2000HD

SnugTop has just announced that it is ready to offer the popular Rebel model for the 2023 Powerstroke Super Duty line up. With this shell, as well as models from brands like Century and LEER Caps, truck drivers worried about access to the bed or cargo itself will be happy to hear that BEDSLIDE is also offering their 1500 and 2000HD models. As we’ve learned, BEDSLIDE offers the highest quality solution to accessing all of that awesome gear in the bed of your rig.

Century Truck Caps for the 2023 Powerstroke

Century Caps DCU Commercial shell for 2023 Powerstroke Super Duty

For those of us in the trades who plan to run our pickup trucks as a work platform, we’ve also heard that Century Caps is now offering their DCU commercial shell. Century is bringing their classic reliability to the newest model of the Super Duty line! Doors, numerous rack options, colors, and anything else you might need to get the job done.

Leer Brings on their 100XQ

Leer 100XQ for 2023 Ford Powerstroke Super Duty pickup truck camper shell

And of course, America’s leader in truck shells and tonneau covers released their ’23 model for the Ford diesel and Heavy Duty truck lineup with their 100XQ being the first to hit the market. The rest of the LEER lineup will soon follow, but for those of us who love the sleek styling of the XQ, you can be off running in 4 wheel drive on the trails or enjoying the lake and beach with all that gear safe and secure.

Get those rear wheels spinning and hit the highways, trails, and mountain forest roads. All the streams, ponds, lakes, shores and waterways are ready for endless adventures. This is arguably the best model truck on the market today, along with the RAM Cummins lineup. If you are going to buy the best, cover it with the best!

Where do you take your truck to adventure?

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