Valentine’s Day Truck Date Ideas

Spending time with the people we love is a big part of showing them how much we care for them and love them. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spring for a fancy expensive dinner or a wild vacation, though! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, make things simple and personal with these three simple Valentine’s Day truck date ideas.

using Your Truck for Valentine’s Day

Using your truck for Valentines Day is a great idea

We all know Valentine’s Day is a made up marketing holiday to sell all that chalky candy. That doesn’t mean we can’t still use it to our advantage! Taking time to show you care will go a long way – whether you are looking for an excuse to create a romantic date night, or to hang out with your family. If you happen to just be a dog person, take time for them and you too!

Pack Your Rig for a Picnic Truck Date

A tailgate picnic is a great Valentines day truck date ideas

If you love spending time in your truck, odds are you’ve eaten out, or rather, in your rig. You’re also probably familiar with HOW TO TAILGATE and all the cool things you can do in the bed of your truck. Take dinner out back – or wherever you want – especially if you have four wheel drive.

Take your truck on a picnic this valentines day

A truck based picnic is a super simple way to get close and personal with a special someone without having to deal with tipping a snobby maitre d’. Instead, throw some snacks and dishes in a cargo caddie, add some drinks and cold sandwiches in an American Made Cooler, and toss it all in the bed of your pickup. Head for the hills, beach, or even a local park. Nothing says I love you like a well thought-out and planned pickup truck date.

Treat Your Puppy For Valentines Day

Valentines Day Truck ideas with your dog or puppy
Nic @shaka.taco hanging out with his dog Timber in their beach set up in Hawaii

For those of us currently unattached to another human, but accompanied by a wonderful four legged friend, it’s time to celebrate our love of our dogs. They might not have a clue what Valentine’s Day is, but they sure will love some good one-on-one time outdoors. All dogs love to go for a ride in the truck!

Using a LEER cooler and leer gear while celebrating valentines day truck ideas at the beach

Instead of two sets of sandwiches and drinks, swap out half the people food for a nice pack of meat treats or a smoked ham bone. You can even use the cooler to keep your chocolates from melting while you take you pup out to enjoy the sound of ocean waves and a sunset.

Just be sure to keep the chocolates to yourself!

Happy dog sitting on beach in hawaii for Valentines day truck ideas

If you have a dog, you may have noticed after taken them on a trip or for a long walk that they just seem to enjoy relaxing and taking everything in. There’s something that seems to be so “zen” about their demeanor. Maybe that’s why we love our truck dogs in the first place.

Take the Kids Out for A Valentines Drivethrough

Valentines day truck date ideas with kids as a father or dad

Just because the stores focus on romance doesn’t mean we can’t also spend Valentine’s Day showing our kids how much they mean to us. Just like our dogs, kids love hanging out in the bed of a truck. Take February 14th as an opportunity to get out and do something simple but special for them!

Heading to the drivethrough with your kids is one of the best Valentines day truck date ideas

Getting out of the house for dinner is fun, and so is eating at our favorite fast food joint. Combine these things together in the bed of your rig as a truck date just for your family, and you have a home run! With all that space – especially under an awesome SnugTop like that of Sean Jennings (aka @defconbrix) – and no cleanup to worry about, what’s not to love about this truck date?

Cute kid in back of truck with valentines chocoloate in drivethrough

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, a truck date is another great way to use your truck to spend quality time with our most important people (or pets).

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