Keep Gear Safe This Holiday Season

When it comes to traveling around town in the winter – or even out into the back country – a pickup truck can make transporting loads of gear and gifts super simple. However, it can sometimes make things easier for prying eyes as well. Here are three main ways a truck shell or tonneau cover can help keep gear safe this holiday season.

Upgrade Your Pickup for the Long run

One of the first things you might have to consider when using a pickup truck to transport loads is how exposed your cargo can be. Sometimes – like in the case of lumber or larges loads of hay and alfalfa – this isn’t something you can change. However, for the average pickup owner, there isn’t a need for surplus space beyond the height of the cab and outside the edge of the bed rails.

Truck loaded with hay

There are really two ways to go when it comes to seriously protecting the cargo in your truck bed. You either go with a slim and simple tonneau cover or a full fiberglass shell. Each have their strong points. Overall, though, it’s our opinion that if you HAD to choose between the two… the shell has the upper hand. Either way, do what is best for you as far as function, form and budget!

Truck loaded with firewood and dog

Fighting off the Cold and Wet

No matter where in the United States you live, winter generally means you’ll face some adverse weather. If you want to bring home a new TV and Playstation for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s a good idea to have a way to keep those expensive electronics out of the rain or snow. Even if you get a great deal at the local outlet store, you’re going to want to keep those new threads and sneakers clean!

Keep gear safe this holiday season snugtop in snow

Getting yourself a good, reliable SnugTop truck shell will definitely help keep things in tip top shape by the time you got home.

Tinted Windows

If you plan on getting a truck shell, you’ve already defeated the elements that are intent on destroying your truck gear. However, the next thing you are going to want to keep away are unwanted, prying eyes. Getting a shell from LEER Caps means you will either have the ability to select dark tinted windows that make your valuables hard to see (and protects them from the sun) or even solid side windoors which offer access from the side of the truck and completely block out peepers.

Burglar looking into vehicle holiday season safety

Another factor to consider when purchasing a truck cap are the different types of locking systems you can choose from. You can go with standard key locks, push button combo locks, and even keyless entry. Being able to completely lock up your truck should give you added peace of mind when trying to keep gear safe this holiday season – especially those Christmas presents.

Upgrade Your Tonneau

If you aren’t wanting to get a full shell because you like the look of your truck’s profile (and you aren’t hauling anything tall),consider the tonneau cover. It can lift, fold, or roll. Another factor you might want to consider – if this is the route you’re planning on going – is the actual material that the tonneau is made of. Pace Edwards offers the Full Metal Switchblade, which is easy to install and remove on your own while offering the rigidity and solid protection you need to keep out determined crooks and elements.

Pace Edwards by leer switchblade full metal

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

We all want to have a great holiday season. Keeping your truck gear and gifts safe is an easy fix, especially if you look at brands like SnugTop, Pace Edwards, Leer Caps, or Century Shells. Be sure to stay safe shopping around the malls or major electronic stores while you’re at it!

Scary parking lot keep gear safe this holiday season shopping

When shopping, remember, you and your family are a critical consideration, especially if you are shopping in an urban/suburban area with a lot of street crime. There are a lot of things you can do to stay safe, like parking under a well lit area, being aware of your general surroundings, and not overloading yourself with goods to the point that you can’t respond to an unexpected or unwanted person.

ford raptor shopping in parking lot this holday season

Check out this good article about holiday shopping safety, generated by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. It covers a lot of excellent tips that are worth thinking about.

Happy holidays, and stay safe out there!

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