Winter Gift Guide for Trucks

Christmas is coming and so is the winter travel season! This means joyous fun out and about exploring and traveling with your family, both on-road and off. Here are our top 5 winter gift ideas for that special someone in your life who loves seeing the world with their pickup truck.

What type of Truck Driver are They?

If you are going to find a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member, it’s a good idea to know how they use their truck. You aren’t going to find a great gift for them on an Oprah favorites list, but you probably already have a good idea of the hobbies or activities they love. That’s all you need!

Think of Family truck for winter gift guide for trucks

Do they like to get outdoors in their truck, or use it as a mobile workshop? If they love to keep bikes, hiking gear, trail snacks and the like in the back of their pickup truck bed, then something to help them on their adventures would be a good way to go. If they like to put tools and supplies in their truck, consider something to help keep them organized. For any truck driver, something to help keep their truck clean is always a good idea.

Adventure vehicle travel winter gift guide for trucks

Do they like to bounce around from place to place enjoying the sites (and eats) as they go? Or do they prefer to be pretty self sufficient? If they like to bring along their own snacks for dietary or budgeting reasons, then that might be one thing to consider. If they like to cook on the road, there are a ton of options to show that you are thinking of them!

Keeping Things Clean

winter gift guide for trucks

One of the easier things to consider when it comes to people with trucks is helping them take care of their rig. Fortunately, if they have a SnugTop or LEER topper, there are some really good cleaning products provided by LEER themselves to help keep a truck cap or truck shell in tip top shape. Think of this as a stocking stuffer, or a perfect gift for the truck itself instead of just the truck owner!

Leer Cargo Caddie makes a great gift this winter for a truck

When it comes to keeping a truck clean, there is also the option of looking inward. For example, keeping a truck bed organized for all sorts of occasions is really easy with the LEER Cargo Caddy. This expandable little unit will help hold everything from groceries to dog treats and hiking gear. Another great thing about the LEER Cargo Caddy is that it can easily be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

Best Truck Cooking accessories

Leer cooler makes a great winter gift for trucks

For those of us truck owners who enjoy taking our love of the culinary arts and coming together out on the road, there are a number of practical gift ideas to get things cooking. If they’re just learning how to tailgate with a truck, cooking might be as simple as throwing some really good meat on the BBQ or smoker and keeping lots of drinks on hand. Help them do both with a quality cooler by LEER that will keep everything from steak to beer cold for hours.

Benchmade knives for cooking are a great addition to this winter gift guide for trucks

If cooking is what they truly love and the wilderness is their chosen kitchen, help them be ready for anything with quality outdoor cooking knives by Benchmade. Benchmade knives are made right here in the United States and have a reputation as being one of the highest quality production knives on the market. They’re meant to last for years and years. Don’t be surprised if a single tear of joy is shed when your truck lover opens up the thoughtful gift of a Benchmade Meatcrafter just for them!

Truck Dog Ready

The gunner kennel is a fantastic winter gift idea for trucks

Just like peas love carrots and corn loves all that stuff that goes on it to make elote, trucks love dogs. They simply go together. When it comes to gift ideas for truck drivers, the number one kennel of choice for any dog is the GUNNER Kennel system. These kennels have a fantastic track record and reputation when it comes to keeping dogs safe in trucks, which is why they are the chosen kennel of bird dog owners and outdoorsmen everywhere.

Offroad Kit

LEER Gear bubba rope for off roading trucks gift idea

When it comes too gift ideas, there’s no way we’re going to leave out the off-road truck crowd! We like being as prepared as possible for that adventure trail life, which is why we thought of two levels of gear. For the basic necessities of off-road gear, LEER partnered with Bubba Rope for a great snatch strap kit to pull people out of a sticky situation.

Factor 55 and WARN winches make for a great winter gift guide for trucks

Our friends over at Factor 55 also know a thing or two about getting stuck and getting winched out because, well, that’s what they have a passion for. They’ve put together extensive packages for recovery kits at various price ranges for folks who might need to get hooked up to a WARN winch to get them through to the end. The winter trail can be treacherous, but you can be ready for just about anything with WARN and Factor 55.

Camping Gear for the Truck

LEER Rooftop tent makes a great gift for truck or SUV lovers

Finally, if you are in the market to get a gift for a whole family, consider getting a rooftop tent. A rooftop tent is a great way to keep your gear dry and away from the mud, snakes, and even bears (OH MY!) while getting an elevated view of your surroundings. It’s a super fun way to experience nature on the road, spontaneously, when you don’t necessarily want to have to remember to pack the tent.

When it comes to a winter gift guide for trucks, what would you add to the list?

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