Thanksgiving Meal Planning With A Truck

We are finally nearing that special day when the whole family comes together at one table for the greatest meal of the year. Thanksgiving meal planning can be a daunting task, but don’t get lost in the charcuterie1 Here are some simple tips for anyone wanting to make Thanksgiving dinner easier – especially if they have a pickup truck.

Beating the Crowds

Beating the crowds is a big part of Thanaksgiving meal planning

When it comes to holiday shopping, heading to the grocery store or big box store to pick up food and decorations is probably the second largest pain point after actually cooking the meals. The first step to overcoming this is to plan your menu, from side dishes liked mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie, to your special Thanksgiving dessert. A big part of this early process is having a guest list of family and friends who might be coming, so you can put a finger on whether or not you’ll need a big batch of anything in particular.

Planning your menu will help reduce stress as it will give you a clear idea of what needs to go on the shopping list. That will allow you to move through a busy store to find what you need as quickly as possible. Also consider getting to your local stores during off hours to alleviate the stress of large crowds.

Get your turkey Early

When Thanksgiving meal planning be sure to get your turkey early enough to thaw

Avoid the most common mistake of Thanksgiving meal planning and be sure to get your turkey more than a day before Thanksgiving! A lot of people don’t realize that stores sell the turkey still solidly frozen, and it will need days just to thaw. No matter how you want to cook a turkey, be it in the smoker, oven, deep fryer, or maybe luau style like a pig, you’ll need time to have this traditional staple ready to go for your Thanksgiving menu.

If you are planning on doing a turkey this year, you might even want to consider taking things out of the house to get yourself a bit more flavor this year. Smoking a turkey, especially with a Traeger smoker, can really add a dynamic edge to this traditional protein dish. Check out our recent post about how to tailgate with a truck for some interesting ideas!

Spice Things up with Diverse Foods

Don’t feel pressured to stick to the same traditional items just because “that’s the way it’s always done.” The most important part about Thanksgiving is just taking the time to show the people in your life that you are grateful for them – not the cranberry sauce.

Get a diverse set of food when Thanksgiving meal planning this year

With that being said, take the pressure off of yourself as a Thanksgiving menu planner! Just pick up and put out what feels right, changes things up as you’d like.

Simple Charcuterie

Make a charcuterie board easy when Thanksgiving meal planning with a truck

Remember that it’s about coming together – so don’t overcomplicate your pre-dinner, either. If your family and friends are the type to snack before dinner hits the table, consider setting up a simple charcuterie board with pre-cut and readied elements so you can free up the rest of your meal prep time. Then the hardest part for you is finding interesting serving dishes to put things on1

Loading up Your Pickup with Groceries

Bedslide makes Thanksgiving meal planning easy with its large payload

One of the best parts of owning a pickup truck is knowing you have plenty of space to load up all that great food. A lot of truck owners know that grocery shopping – especially with a covered truck – is a lot easier with a BEDSLIDE truck deck installed. This heavy duty device is a game changer for anything pickup related, but will especially come in handy this Thanksgiving.

Get all your Thanksgiving meal planning goodies home safe with a truck and BEDSLIDE

Not only does a BEDSLIDE make accessing general cargo easier, it also makes loading any cargo easier as it brings the base of the bed directly to you. You can easily load your pickup from virtually any side. BEDSLIDE also gives you an excellent work space to use.

Bringing It All Home

BEDSLIDE will hold all of your your Thanksgiving dinner and make loading your truck easier

Hopefully you have everything you could ask for and are feeling thankful this Thanksgiving. Don’t let Thanksgiving meal planning intimidate you or wear you out. Instead, take it in stride with a bit of planning and thinking outside the box – or in this case, outside the bed!

What is your biggest tip for making Thanksgiving easier?

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