5 Takeaways from Ordering + Installing a SnugTop

Many of us who own a pickup truck have thought long and hard about upgrading the the bed of our rigs. Rest easy knowing that Installing a SnugTop cap is a great choice for your truck and for you! Here are 5 takeaways from ordering and installing a SnugTop.

SnugTop is the Best Truck upgrade

Best truck upgrade at a SnugTop truck cap dealer

When it comes to quality products, it’s important to note where a certain brand comes from. Some new brands jump onto the market just to offer a cheap, knockoff take on a popular product. They often cut corners to offer a product that seems indistinguishable, but uses materials that don’t hold up over them. That’s one thing that puts SnugTop on another level when it comes to its products.

SnugTop was started as an American made product and has been around since 1959, making it one of the oldest and most successful truck cap companies in the United States. One reason SnugTop is so successful is because it’s always relied on using better chosen and higher quality components, which don’t leave a lot of slack for breakdown or need lots of adjustment years down the road.

Since we know which company has the right stuff, let’s look at five things that make ordering a shell from a SnugTop dealer easier!

SnugTop Dealers have the knowledge

A Ram Truck getting a SnugTop shell installed
The Defconbrix Ram 2500 ready for SnugTop shell installation

The best thing you have going for you when you walk into a SnugTop dealer is knowing that they have the knowledge and experience to help. Bring all your desires and needs to the front desk, and they will help you determine which model will serve you best and which customizable options to consider. We recently covered the concept of How to Choose the Right Truck Cover for Your Pickup, which has a number of simple ideas you might want to look at before heading in for a consultation.

Delivery Handling

Ram 2500 SnugTop instalation for Defconbrix

Everyone hates that waiting period between when they place an order and when that order gets delivered. One good thing you can be sure of is knowing that your SnugTop dealer is the best and fastest point of contact to help you keep up to speed on your truck shell’s delivery time. With a number of shipping issues in flux lately across the country, it’s good to know that someone can plan and check on your topper’s arrival time and relay that information directly to you.

Be Sure to Bring Snacks

Sean Jennings Defconbrix waiting for his SnugTop to be installed
Sean Jennings aka Defconbrix waiting for his SnugTop to be installed on his Ram 2500

When it comes to the day of installation, be sure to bring along some snacks or something to read. A lot of people don’t realize that installing a truck cap is not as simple as just lifting a shell onto the back of your truck. Along with ensuring correct fitment and mounting, a good installation will also including the wiring of the 3rd brake light as well as possible backup cameras, and the installation of roof racks and other accessories.

Don’t Worry about the Heavy Lifting

Dealer prepping a SnugTop for installation on Defconbrix Ram 2500

Before it is even taken off the delivery truck, your shell is inspected to ensure that the complete and accurate order has arrived. It is then taken off the truck and stored pending your appointment to come in and get your pickup topper installed. In the case of a common shell, expect installation to take anywhere between two and three hours.

Getting a roofrack installed on a SnugTop for Defconbrix

Part of the mounting process includes washing the shell and prepping all the components. This includes checking the locks on the windows and hatches, as well as ensuring that the window struts are all in good working order. This may also include the fitment and mounting of roof racks and fishing rod holders, depending on your custom options.

Defconbrix getting a SnugTop insalled on his ram 2500
Defconbrix having a SnugTop placed on his Ram 2500

Finally, the shell itself will be lifted and placed onto the bed of your truck, typically using a forklift. This is followed by making sure all the seals are lined up. We recommend making sure that the dealer have ensured weather-readiness by testing for water leaks prior to leaving.

Leave with Peace of Mind

SnugTop improvement to trucks is great for the family

The best part of having a truck shell is knowing that it will protect what you value most. From gear to farm feed and family, a SnugTop can change the whole aesthetic and function of your rig for the better! Knowing you have a dealer to go back to for any questions or possible quick adjustments is another thing that will give you peace of mind.

What is the main reason you would consider installing a shell on your pickup?

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