Five Truck Fishing Tips from an Expert Fisherman

If you are the type of man or woman who is interested in dropping lines to pull out some amazing aquatic memories AND you own a pickup truck, you might want to consider these five truck fishing tips from expert fisherman Scott Isaacs.

Are you looking to create a family pastime to send through the generations? Maybe you just want to find time for yourself out in nature. Either way, these tips will help get you out on the water with little to worry about except replacing snagged lures.

Always be ready to catch big fish

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Whether you are just getting into fishing and think the sport looks fun or you’re an experienced bass angler and know exactly when to use a soft plastic lure vs bait fishing, consider having your pickup truck ready for when you want to drop a line! If you want to catch bass from the shore or out in the open water, you can use your truck bed to be ready to go any time of year.

Bring the right tools

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When it comes to getting out on the open water, it pays to be ready for the unexpected, especially if you are using a boat. We all know how boat life goes, but don’t forget to eliminate unnecessary stress by having the right tools on hand for any common problems you may encounter. One simple issue that might occur with your boat trailer is a flat or blowout. Scott recommends always having a floor jack and tools on hand for just such an event.

The last thing you want to deal with is being stranded on a mountain pass, country road, or deep in the woods without the ability to change your tire and get to the water or back home. A good quality jack, like Pro Eagle Offroad Jacks, are also a good tool to have on hand should your trailer jack fail and you need to reconnect. It’s always good to be neighborly and capable of helping others who aren’t so prepared, as well!

Organizing Fishing Gear

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When it comes to fishing gear, there can be a lot of stuff to handle. It’s not all about plastic worms, fishing rod holders, and spare reels. You have to think about the full day of fishing from start to finish as well as the ride home. That’s just one other aspect for Scott to think about when he packs up his LEER 100XL shell.

Know the best ideas for truck fishing gear 1

One really useful tip that Scott recommends is packing storage totes to hold vital gear for finishing out the day like he does on his Black Series BEDSLIDE classic. Being able to pull out his BEDSLIDE deck and access a tote make it easy to separate and retrieve fish cleaning supplies (like knives, paper towels, ziplock bags, cutting boards, and trash bags). It also helps with keeping all the other gear and supplies in the back of his truck from soaking up that unwanted fishy smell.

Have the right fishing gear

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If you know at least a little bit about fishing you will know, or quickly learn, not all fish are the same. Even the time of year can change the way freshwater fishing for something like trout or game fish will change the bait and other components you might use to bring in those trophy fish. Warmer water fish like largemouth bass are a favorite of bass pros and require a whole different gear setup than a mountain stream fisherman might consider.

Scott advises all new fishermen do a little research before loading out their rigs with a days worth of gear. Knowing what fish you are going for, where you are going, the weather for the day, and even the current hatch status (types of bugs spawning) and other bait critters in the area will help you determine what gear to bring along. You can also learn quite a bit by checking out great resources like for cool tips, guidance, and tricks.

Bring a cooler for drinks and fish

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One of the more commonly forgotten tools of the trade, especially for beginners is simply the cooler. A cooler is good on the way out for holding all the drinks you might want for the fishing trip. Also, the cooler will serve as the perfect transportation container for a successful catch.

Remember to pack spare clothing when fishing

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Finally, Scott recommends that you always pack a small bag with a spare set of clothes in it. After you get done fishing, you might be a bit sweaty from standing out in the sun all day or might have some left over fish residue on your pants or shirt. Before getting back in the comfortable cab of your truck and driving home with all your trophy pictures, you’ll have a fresh set of threads to keep the inside of your truck from smelling like the outside of a fish.

What other gear do you think you might want to pack in your pickup for a great fishing trip?

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