Five Tips for Roadtripping with Dogs

Many of us love to travel across the country in the comfort and available control of our pickup trucks. Of this particular slice of the population, a good number enjoy bringing along their four legged friends to enjoy the trip with them. Here are 5 tips to help you safely navigate roadtripping with dogs.

Getting started roadtripping with dogs

As much as we love our dogs as a society, there seems to be very little readily available sources of information on what you SHOULD be considering when taking our dog in the car. When it comes to bringing your dog, there is a fair amount more to consider than what seat covers you might want to get. Here, we are going to focus on what it takes to keep your dogs safe out on the open road.

Everyone loves roadtripping with dogs

Containment is Key

One of the better reasons having a pickup truck is a good idea when traveling with your dogs is that the bed of the truck is a fantastic placed to contain your pup. Not only does it give them ample space just to themselves, it helps keep them from becoming a distraction in the cab when you are rolling down the road. The bed of the truck is an especially great place for dogs when it is shelled by something like a LEER Cap.

If you you are looking to create a great place for your ‘hound to hang around’, consider something like this LEER 100R with optional dog screens or even vented windoors. You might even like the premium styling of the SnugTop XTRAVision also with the optional dogs screen. The great thing about these shells is that you can stop and go anywhere without worrying about disturbing your pup or them suddenly and unexpected jumping out and into an unsafe and active roadway just because you opened the doors.

Using a dog kennel is a good idea when roadtripping with dogs

Let them breathe easy with great ventilation

When it comes to dogs, a lot of people don’t realize that dogs don’t sweat and actually need to pant to cool off. This is another reason ventilation for dogs is so critical. A truck with a fiberglass shell is a great way to keep the direct sun and other elements and even bugs off the pups but opting for great ventilation is a must.

Ventilation for dogs in cars is an important tip for roadtripping with dogs

We mentioned the “WINDOOR” just above and this is what we are talking about. Other options like dog screens give your dog the ability to walk around and smell the great scent of the adventure you are on, with the added rugged toughness to withstand the pressure of that curious wet nose. No matter what you chose, just making sure they have fresh flowing air is a good idea.

keeping your dog safe and secure

As much as a fiber glass truck shell will improve the overall safety and travel experience of your dog, there is an additional step you might want to consider to make things significantly better. Since dogs to have safety tools like a child car seat or seat belt, adding a dog kennel is the next best option. Not only does it help provide a sense of security to your dog and give them better peace of mind, it will also help prevent them from getting car sick.

Consider using a dog kennel when roadtripping with dogs

Some kennels or travel crates, like Gunner Kennels, offer increased protection when sized correctly to the dog. Many of these will not only help contain the dog but also improve their chances in an accident. Whether you are going from home to the dog parks or national parks, this is something worth considering.

Remember to bring the toys

One simple item often forgotten at home when packing to go roadtripping with dogs is the toy or tools for training and stimulation. Whether its a tennis ball and flinging tool or a bird dogs training tools, it’s important to remember your dog is going to need something to keep their minds, and hearts, healthy when you get where ever you are going or even on pit stops. You might even want to give them a chew toy for when they are riding down the road.

Bring dog toys for your puppy when roadtripping with dogs

Remember dog water and food

Another very common thing for first time dog roadtrippers to forget at home is the tools needed for feeding and watering your pooch. Bringing a set of plastic food and water bowls is a simple thing to do and makes a trip with your dog so much easier when you don’t have to stop and find a replacement. Be sure to make frequent pit stops, even at gas stations, to make sure your dog has a chance to use the bathroom and replenish their water before going back and hitting the road.

Remember to bring food and water supplies when roadtripping with dogs

We love traveling with our dogs and know that they are a big, or small, part of the family experience. Whether traveling close to home or out to some grand national forest, we want to remember to simple things that can make roadtripping with dogs a good experience for them too. You also might want to consider looking into a dog aid kit as an extra idea depending no how far from home or civilization you might wind up wandering.

What other essentials do you think you might want to bring when traveling with your dog.

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