5 Simple Truck Maintenance Ideas for Spring

When it comes to changing season, Spring gets all the love and attention when it comes to preparation. Since you’re already going to be in the flow of things, it’s a good idea to take this time to take care of some much needed truck maintenance. Here are five simple things to add to your preventative maintenance plan, outside the typical engine oil change and air filters.

Get your Rig In Shape

So much of what we love about being truck drivers is knowing we have a vehicle that can be ready to do anything. An important part of that is taking care of what helps us get the work done and get us out into nature. We want to make sure our rigs work properly so it’s a good idea to put together an annual or biannual preventative maintenance checklist.

Truck Maintenance Starts with Tires

Spring truck maintenance includes checking tire tread

One of the easiest and less invasive things to start with are the tires for your pickup. These are some of the most crucial yet overlooked maintenance items on the average American’s pickup as they can cause serious and unexpected problems when not maintained. To prevent something as simple as getting stuck in the mud to the drastic and unexpected blowout that can actually cause a traffic accident, this check box can be ticked off quickly.

First be sure to ensure all your wheels have even and correct tire pressures. If you haul heavy loads with your trucks and trailers, be sure to double check that your tires are in the correct load range for those trips and refer to manufacturer guidelines. Finally, you can use the “penny test method” to check your tread depth to ensure you have at least the minimum tread depth to be driving on the road.

Truck Suspension Maintenance

Greese suspension fittings as part of spring truck maintenance

One of the more satisfying things you can do to keep your rig moving smoothly and effortlessly down the road is greasing the linkages in the suspension. You can go to just about any vehicle parts store or hardware store and pick up a ZERK GUN like this LockNLube model and grease every joint in your lift kit. This is especially important if you’re considered Lifting A Truck as the right type of lift or suspension and it’s components can make this job a bit easier.

Brake Truck Maintenance

Truck maintenance includes brake replacement and tuning

Another important factor to look into after at least every 20,000 miles, is the condition of your brakes. An easier way to regularly check this is to do it every time you get an oil change. Along with the rotors, drums, pads, or discs, you will want to have the fluid level, lines and brake pump checked out as well. In some models of pickup, the brakes are also directly tied to the power steering fluid and pump system as well.

If you pull heavy trailers and travel up and down hills, you might be able to eliminate some vibration caused by warping of the rotors by getting them reconditioned or possibly replaced depending on remaining life. This is caused by sudden spikes in overheating and is made when the rotors expand and cool so quickly they become ‘wobbly’ like a waffle cone bowl. Sometimes this is an easy fix, especially when taken care of early.

Lights Before Lockers

Check lighting wiring for spring truck maintenance
Since this is your preventative maintenance scheduled for spring and not a pickup “upgrade” time, it’s ok to consider your lights before your lockers just this once. If you like exploring or working during the night time, your lighting set up is going to be important. Don’t make the mistake of being out on the job site or exploring off-road when you don’t have the proper tools after you finally realize you clipped a light wire that could be easily repaired at home. So, just do a quick walk around and test all your lights, switches, and electrical system.

Check your Access Points

Check SnugTop latches locks and seals for spring truck maintenance

Another great upgrade for your pickup is a SnugTop truck shell. After you Choose the Right Truck Cap and get it installed, you’ll want to make sure you keep it up and in great working condition. A lot of people buy a pickup cap and completely forget there is going to be an expected amount of wear and tear to some of the components. So, take some time and inspect your latches, locks, and seals to keep your shell in good working order.

Diesel Truck Maintenance

Truck maintenance for diesel trucks with DEF

When it comes to your rig, they should all have common things swapped and fixed like wiper blades, oil and fuel filters, and other simple things commonly done during a truck service. Because of “environmental” considerations, diesel owners need to also consider the diesel exhaust fluid system as well as part of their truck maintenance routine. Help avoid major issues and be sure to use quality DEF when filling your system back up or keeping it topped off.

What truck maintenance tip do you like or think we missed when it comes to being ready for the Spring season?

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